JW-13 EE JCH LV JCH EEW-14 SE TCH Starwire Talk To The Hand  

​Helsinki 15th of Dec 2013   Finnish Junior Winner- 2013

Estonia, Tartu 10 & 11 Jan 2014   BM3 JCAC BOS JUNIOR and BM1  JCAC BOS

Lahti Int Show 27 of April  2014 CAC CACIB BOS

Hamina Int Show10th of May 2014  CAC resCacib

Kotka 14th of June 2014 res CAC Cacib

Latvia Ogre 12-13th of July 2014 Two National Shows and Dachshund Speciality Show

BOB in all shows

Raisio 16th August, CAC BOS

SWEDEN: Eskilstuna/Biby 13th of September CAC 

Sweidish Bloodtrackin Champion

Back x-rayed: No calcifications

Show news : 




SW C.I.B C.I.E. FIN CH SE CH EE CH LV CH CH CH SE TCH EE VCH DE (VDH) CH LT CH A​T CH BALT CH IT WCH HR CH WUT MVA CHLDSG10 Taxette's Isla Margarita now also  Lietuanian Veteran Champion

SW Starwire Hooray For Hazel

Latvia Ogre 12-13th of July 2014 Two National Shows and Dachshund Speciality Show

BOB Baby in all three shows

BIS 5  Baby in National Show 

BIS 2  Baby in Dachshund Speciality Show


Taxette's Just A Jewel

Taxette's Waltzing Matilda

Helsinki 29th of May 2014 Puppy show BIG 4

Taxette's Wish Upon A Star

Oulu Puppy Show BIG 4

Taxette's Wake up Little Susie 

Porvoo 13th of Sept JUN EXC


Taxette's Victoria's Secret (all shows in Finland BOB)

Pori Int Show 28th of June 2014 CAC CACIB BOB BIG 3

Forssa  29th of June  2014         CAC BOB BIG 3

Raisio 16th of Aug 2014 BOB,    CAC BIG 1

Kouvola 23th of Aug 2014,          CAC  BOB, BIG 4 

Tervakoski 30th of Aug               CAC, CACIB BIG 1

Hyvinkää                                     CAC  BOB, 

Sweden Eskilstuna /Biby CAC

Bloodtracking results: 2x 1st prize

 Kajaani  10th Jan 2014 BOB BOB-vet 

Joensuu 1 Feb 2014 ​BOB, BOB veteran, BIS -4 Veteran.